Sandro Giacometti
Sandro Giacometti.jpeg


Sandro has played, produced, recorded and mixed music since the age of fourteen.

Starting out playing with many cover and original bands across Italy, Slovenia, Croatia and Germany, he then focused his attention more on the technical side of music, which originated his collaboration with the Italian band TACDMY. He worked with them both in the studio (on the “Meaning of Dance” album, and the “Drunk Yoga Velvet Club” EP), and live (Arezzo Wave Love Festival, Collisioni Festival, Trieste Loves Jazz), helping shape their sound and their live set.

He then moved to London, where he had the chance to record and produce in studios such as Metropolis, Rockfield, Monnow Valley and the Maccabees studio (check the Spotify playlist below for some of the songs he’s worked on). 

He also kept working as FOH engineer for live events at Metropolis and Pirate Studios, doing sound for artists such as Carl Barât, Dead!, BlackWaters, Everything by Electricity, The fin., Rozelle.

He is currently performing with P.F. Phillip & The Night Riders on bass, and with Chris Haddon on keys.