P.F. Phillip & The Night Riders

Single release - Your Lips Are For Kissing

P.F. Phillip & The Night Riders lift the release of heartbreak to visceral heights with the hopeless romanticism of ‘Your Lips Are For Kissing’, out March 23rd

‘A rare romantic gem - an indie-rock poetical masterpiece’ Where The Music Meets

‘A perfect song of nostalgia driven sentiment’ Santa Rosa Records

‘Songs with feeling and melody, unpredictable and noisy... all of my favourite things’ Ace, Skunk Anansie


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‘Your Lips Are For Kissing’

P.F. Phillip & The Night Riders aim straight for the feels on their second single return with the ethereal sincerity of ballad ‘Your Lips Are For Kissing’. Showcasing the tender and introspective turns of his songwriting, P.F. Phillip wraps his lyrics in unique, brooding tonality to tell the story of a love that couldn’t be; serenity and acceptance coalesce with the inevitable anguish that comes with turning away from someone you care for.

Encapsulated in the swirling, empyrean musicality of The Night Riders, ‘Your Lips Are For Kissing’ ebbs through reverb-drenched guitar-scapes to give way to cathartic release of anthemic heights – a modern rock ballad that strikingly pulls on the all too familiar strings of a love left to loneliness.

P.F. Phillip & The Night Riders

P.F. Phillip and his counterparts The Night Riders – guitarist Gabe Coulter, bassist Sandro Giacometti and drummer Sam Roberts – have flourished as a unit from their inception in 2017, rapidly earning prestige from their live performances in the likes of the renowned Camden Assembly and Notting Hill Arts Club, as well as from fellow artists including Skunk Anansie. Drawing influence from The War On Drugs, Wilco and The Strokes, P.F. Phillip & The Night Riders are a calling card towards the hook-laden, sweeping charm and visceral energy of indie-rock that is languidly dissipating – a calling that will leave you reaching from the play button to the repeat with much more to come in 2018.

Release Date: March 23, 2018

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April 8th - Sebright Arms, London

April 25th - Tamesis Dock, London

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Release Date: March 23, 2018